10 Weird Dog Behaviors Explained


Dogs are loyal and intelligent animals which behave in ways we may find unusual or strange. However, there are logical and reasonable explanations behind their bizarre behaviors. In this article, we will talk about nine strange things dogs do and explain the meaning behind them.

1. Why Dogs Sniff Before They Poop

Dogs have a strong instinct to carefully consider the location of their potty break, For dogs, pooping and peeing are effective methods of communication. Dogs mark their territory by eliminating waste and your dog’s chosen potty spot sends other dogs a message about where they’ve been and what they’ve been doing. It can also inform other dogs if there is an incoming threat.

when your dog sniffs around before pooping they are reading messages from other dogs or animals, these messages can tell your furry friend what other dogs are in the area, the sexual status of those dogs, and who has marked the area as theirs.

oftentimes the messages encoded in the scent of other dogs waste serve as a safe place to go to the potty too, that is why your dog sometimes poops right next to another dog’s pile of poop. a dog in a pooping position is vulnerable and your dog wants to find a safe place to do their business. of course, dogs have surface preferences some pups may prefer pooping on dirt or grass rather than glossy services by sniffing they are trying to find the right spot to poop.

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