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10 Weird Dog Behaviors Explained


3. Why Dogs Carry Sticks On Walks

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Dogs like to carry sticks on walks and back home due to their instinctual desire to retrieve things. As hunting animals, dogs were traditionally bred to ‘retrieve’ their catch and deliver them to their owner.

It’s a behavior that has been bred over countless generations and is now an inherent part of the dog’s DNA. dogs also carry sticks because their favorite toys are not available on the go, sticks can be a perfect toy for any dog to adopt on their travels with you.

Another reason why your pooch may carry sticks is that they want to find somewhere to chew them. Sticks feel like bones to a dog, and chewing them is satisfying, they can relieve sore gums, and soothe their teeth, this is especially apparent in young puppies who are teething.

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