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13 Advanced Business English Expressions You Should Know


The business world can be very competitive and hard, so you really must understand phrases and idioms to be successful with business English. because We want you to find a way to improve your career.

Do you want to learn more business English expressions and how to navigate well with English in the business world, Let’s take a look at 12 more business phrases and idioms to help you become stronger with business English.

1. A Startup

So, our first expression about the work environment is a startup. What is a startup? A startup is a business that is being started from the beginning or from scratch.

2. Get In On The Ground Floor

Our second expression is get in on the ground floor. What does this mean? This means that you are involved in the beginning of a company, maybe it’s your investment or maybe it’s your employment with that company. When you get in on the ground floor, you get in from the beginning. This means that you’ll have different roles in the beginning when there are only a few people working.

3. Joint Venture

The third phrase you need to know is joint venture. What is a joint venture? A joint venture is an agreement when two companies come together to work on something as one. Let’s look at a couple example sentences: “Google and NASA worked on a joint venture in the creation of google earth.”, “Some Benefits of joint ventures are greater access to resources and markets.”


4. A Nine To Five

And the fourth phrase you need to know when talking about your job is a nine to five. A nine to five refers to a routine job that starts at nine in the morning and finishes at five o’clock in the afternoon. It doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t start at eight o’clock, because it can, but we refer to these jobs as nine to fives.

5. Collaboration

Now let’s talk about some phrases and idioms that you need to know for the daily conversations and negotiations that happen in the workplace. Let’s start with collaboration. Collaboration is a very important term that’s common in business these days. Collaboration is all about cooperating and working together on projects.

6. Elevator Pitch

Next an elevator pitch. Now what is an elevator pitch? An elevator pitch is a short, clear, and concise explanation of what you want to sell or persuade someone about. It’s your explanation that you can use to convince someone in that 60 seconds or less that you would be on the elevator before they have to go somewhere else. It’s when you have a captive audience to convince them about something.

7. Get A Green Light

When you get a green light, it means that you have been given approval or permission to get going just like in the street for the traffic.


8. To Bring Up.

To bring up is more like a phrasal verb that’s used in daily conversation and you’ll definitely use it in the workplace. How about some examples like this?

9. To Turn Down.

To turn down is also a phrasal verb that is used to mean reject or say no to something. Example: “Why did you turn down the offer for a raise? Are you Crazy?”

10. To Be On The Same Page

This idiom really is talking about agreement. If you and someone else agree about something, it means that you are on the same page. You might say something like this. “We need to be on the same page about this information before we give the presentation.”

11. By The Book

Someone who does their job by the book is someone who follows everything step by step, just like a manual. They follow the rules. They are faithful. They do their job by the rule book. Example: “He is a faithful employee who always does his job by the book.”

12. Outside The Box

Oh! There’s another idiom. Did you catch that one, outside the box? When you think outside the box, it means that you are able to see ideas that are different than the normal.

13. To Play Harball

And finally, to play hardball. When a person plays hardball, they act rough and even a little ruthless in their work against others because they want to win and they want to accomplish something no matter what happens to others.

So, there you have it. 13 more English phrases and expressions that you need to know to be successful at business English. I hope these were helpful for you today.