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Build Iron Self Discipline With These 3 Simple Rules


Today in this article, i want to show you three very rock solid ways to develop your self-discipline. Now before we can jump into these three strategies, We have to first define what self-discipline actually means.

What Is Self-Discipline

Now there’s a whole bunch of definitions out there, some people define it as waking up at 4 am, other people define it as taking cold showers, other people define it as never eating junk food. and while all these things are good if we could just boil it down to one simple thing, this is what I say: self-discipline is it’s you doing the things that you say you’re gonna do, meaning if you tell yourself you’re gonna wake up at 5 am for the next seven days you do, if you tell yourself that you’re gonna avoid pornography, or avoid binge eating you do.

Being able to control yourself, and following through on the words that you say you’re gonna do, is perhaps the most simple way to define self-discipline. and if you’re anything like me, we typically have a very lazy tendency to fall away from the things that we say we’re gonna do. So, how do we overcome that? well, let me share with you these three different ways to actually improve your self-discipline.


Priming Your Environment

The first one is priming your environment, so that you can eliminate the use of willpower, look i am all for willpower, all about grinding it out, working hard grinding teeth right. but, the problem with this is you and i we both have limited willpower, people in the military yes they do have probably a little bit more willpower, or professional athletes probably have a little bit more willpower than the average individual. but, the truth is we all have limited willpower, and yes when you wake up in the morning, and you’re all motivated to go crush at the gym, crush at your job, crush your business. but guess what by the end of the day let’s say 7 pm you’re coming home from work, guess what? you’re still going to be pretty tired. Your willpower is not going to be there in the morning when you resisted.

Having a doughnut is pretty easy to do, but i think you and i would both agree that by 6 p.m 7 p.m it’s gonna be a little bit more difficult. so, the way is you have to think about how you can eliminate these things, by priming your environment if you know that you watch too much television on weekdays, and you have a tv sitting in your living room, and all you want to do at the end of the day is crash it on the couch, and become a vegetable watching tv. why not unplug the television cord give the television cord to a neighbor, give it to a friend, and get it back on the weekends, or better yet give them your tv remote, take your television and put it away, or do all the above. The best way to improve your self-discipline is to not use discipline at all, make your environment as easy as possible to live in, a distraction-free lifestyle, and you’re gonna find yourself having more discipline, Just like that.


Habit Stacking

The second strategy i want to teach you, is something called habit stacking. and habit stacking essentially just means, pairing together something that you already do with a self-discipline, with a habit that you’d like to implement. so for example let’s say that every single morning, you want to track how much food that you’re eating. but, you constantly forget, you feel like you’re losing the discipline, and tracking your macros. if you want to track your macros, and you want to track the amount of food you’re eating, just create the new rule that every single time you pour yourself glass water, you brush your teeth, you make a cup of coffee, you go ahead and open up your journal, and seeing that journal open up, there is going to encourage and push for you to track your macros. this could be applied to any kind of situation but the simplest form is identifying what’s something that you already do that you’re already pretty good at doing that you don’t forget. and then simply pair that together with something that you’re trying to start up. now what’s so cool about this is again very similar to the first lesson of priming your environment. the second lesson of habit stacking is what causes you to automate your discipline. we want to make sure that you’re becoming disciplined not by thinking about it, but rather just by doing it automatically as a creature of habit.

Optimize Your Discipline

And the third strategy of how to optimize your discipline, it might be something that you don’t want to hear, but it’s that you have to do one uncomfortable thing every single day, look the reason why so many people are so stagnant in their lives is because they don’t actually challenge themselves. if you go into the gym, you cannot get into a good physique, you can’t lose 15 pounds, you cannot build muscle if you don’t actually exert yourself, sweat, and go through discomfort. it’s the same in life you can’t do anything great in this life if you are not willing to. put an uncomfortable work, and so the way you combat this is every single day you have to do something that’s a little uncomfortable, we live in such a cushy first world, i personally live in los angeles right now and there’s so many things that are just instant.