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Can People in Good Relationships Cheat?

As we have heard, seen, and read, our model for romantic love is based on the notion that as long as a marriage is healthy, people do not go elsewhere. If individuals feel safe,...
why do men cheat

Why Do Men Cheat?

Cheating might be considered a dirty word when it comes to marriages, but you cannot deny that it is a common one. As women, we might try to avoid marrying partners whom we think...

Is Your Marriage Toxic? Understanding Signs that Seem Totally Normal

Often when women are married off, they are not given a book of instructions on keeping the marriage intact. Instead, they jump into a situation they have not experienced before and expect to know...

What Makes a Marriage Toxic?

If we were to define a toxic marriage, the first thing that comes to mind is a list of repeated behaviors from one or both partners. These behaviors are emotionally and physically damaging....
Things Trustworthy People Do

Things Trustworthy People Do

Do you think you have people in your life that you can rely on? Having a few, good trustworthy friends in your corner is always a good thing. However, sometimes it may be difficult...

5 Easy Tips That Will Help You Stay Happy

It's no secret the stressors of everyday life can leave us feeling heavy and make it difficult to stay happy from time to time, when this happens, it is very important to find ways...
Establishing Your Goals

Establishing Your Goals and Outcomes

Let’s first clarify the difference between an outcome and a goal. Your outcome is your long-term plan. Where are you willing to be five years from now? Let’s assume that you want to be...
Attitude of Gratitude

The Importance of Cultivating An Attitude of Gratitude

When you experience life with gratitude, self-love and acceptance will naturally occur. This is an important concept that cannot be fully strengthened. grateful. Say it out loud. what do you think? Any other ideas?...
Self-Love and Acceptance

The Power Of Self-Love and Acceptance

Imagine that you don’t concentrate on your weight. Imagine that you have enough patience and confidence to continuously work towards a healthier body. Imagine getting rid of stress and doubt.Let yourself wonder what it...

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