Establishing Your Goals and Outcomes


Let’s first clarify the difference between an outcome and a goal. Your outcome is your long-term plan. Where are you willing to be five years from now? Let’s assume that you want to be heathier and live to be 100 years old. So,Your outcome here is to live 100 years healthy life. and your goal is to maintain a healthy weight to support your ultimate outcome. Goals are steps that can help you achieve your goals. You may need to fully consider the following questions: “What is the end result?” Once you find the answer, ask yourself: “What steps do I need to complete to reach my goal?” These steps will determine your goals.

I invite you to establish your outcome based on your health. Your result may be a healthy body, 25% body fat, low cholesterol and a healthy heart. Your goal might be: exercise 3 times a week, reduce fat, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.  These goals will lead you to your outcome. Your results will take time, and your goals will keep you on track. Your goals may be different, but your result will be the same which is having a healthy body. But beware – goals can consume you.

The goal is to motivate you and keep moving forward. Avoid using goals as another reason to judge yourself harshly. When I was in sales – and before I had children – I lived for my goals. I enjoyed sales because of the recognition. My efforts were applauded. Having experienced so much adversity and so little recognition in my life, this is a dream come true.What I later discovered was that I was basing my self-worth on how much I have achieved, not who I have become. When I perform well or reach my goals, I make myself feel worthwhile. Once I left the sales department and stayed at home with the kids, I missed the good reviews that accompanied my work.


However, I found this to be a healing experience, because I now have the opportunity to discover my true inner identity and become that person. Just because no one noticed my efforts and gave me recognition, this does not eliminate the fact that I am worthy. My epiphany is that if other people can give me a sense of value, then they can take it away. Why give away my power? I was doing a noble thing and it was something that I loved and enjoyed and i don’t need anyone to verify its authenticity.

This was a wonderful lesson for me spiritually. I realized that even if we did not achieve our goals, we were all worthwhile in God’s eyes. i asked myself: “what goal should i start with?”

The objective and result I pursue belongs to the young Rosa, who wants to be the number one in sales. She always wanted to be the one who wanted to abuse her and criticize her so harshly, to see how serious they are to her. I was a different person now. I find that even in the darkest hours, I am complete, great and worthy of love. My goals and outcomes were completely different now. My first task is to be the best mother. I wanted to raise children who had self-esteem, and felt loved and valued. This is my goal, now is the time to fight for my strength. Why empower others and let me decide when I can become a winner in life?

Take back power over your life. and always remember that you can feel happy whenever you choose. Happiness is within you, not outside of you. Set your goals and results, and decide to be happy throughout the process.