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Fear of Failure? How To Deal With Failures


How exactly do we deal with failure? look when it comes to failure, i am going to be the first one to admit that i have made so many mistakes within my life. i look at the businesses that i’ve started and failed. well, guess what? it took me four failed businesses before the first one ever took off. i’ll give you a couple examples, i started when i was in college an atm business and guess what? in a couple months the atm got robbed, i spent every single dollar that i had, and even borrowed money from my dad. who’s laid off at that point, and all the money from the atm got robbed because of a stupid business decision, what are the kind of failures well i started dropshipping e-commerce business, i was doing about 20 000$ a month and i was hustling cussing hustling. but i didn’t make a single dollar because my product cost, and advertising costs, were way above my profit margins.

What else i started a jewelry company in university, and it completely flopped. look failure is completely normal, and it doesn’t matter if you’re going through a business failure, an academic failure, failure that may be happening in relationships, look in this article i want to share with you how to overcome and deal with that failure.


Let’s talk about a little bit of mindset, now when it comes to failure the first thing i need for you to understand is something called, the always win mentality. and what it means by this, is you have to first reframe and understand that a failure is actually an opportunity to learn right. there’s this concept between the glass half full, and the glass half empty, and what i mean by this is that if you make a failure, chances are there’s this part of you that’s going to say: oh it’s a complete failure, i messed up, and i didn’t make any kind of progress.

But, on the flip side you can also think to yourself, you know what this failure may have happened, and maybe this thing sucks right now. but, what’s the one thing i can gain and actually learn out of the situation. i’ll give an example, for myself right now my business is going through spending on advertising right, we’re spending a lot of money on youtube ads, well i actually want to share with you that it took me over ten thousand dollars of going into the hole on advertising, before we actually started figuring out which advertisements were performing the best, and we started making money.

Now, this entire time i didn’t think of it as, oh my gosh i’m spending ten thousand dollars, and none of this working, so i just give up. all of these many failures is simply teaching me what doesn’t work, there’s a famous line that goes that successful people failed their way to success, and the reason why is because if you can see every single failure as a learning lesson, then you are one step closer to achieving your path of right success.


And the point that i’m trying to make here is whether you see failure as a learning lesson, or as something that you don’t learn from, that is 100 up to you. so, i don’t want you complaining about other people complaining that you didn’t get the job, complaining that the market was bad. what is the one thing that you can take ownership on and gain out of.

I want to share with you a little story of the 100 striking rules, something that the mentor used to tell me all the time, and the way the story goes is there was a stone cutter, and the stone cutter was trying to build a really beautiful statue, but first you have to split this gigantic boulder of rock in order to start chipping away at it, to build that statue what did he do? he started striking it one strike at a time, one strike at a time… but, nothing in this gigantic boulder would crack.

So, what did he do at the 15th strike? nothing at the second strike! nothing at the 99th strike! there is still absolutely nothing. and finally on the 100th blow something chips, and something breaks. now let me ask you if that stone cutter would have given up at the 110 it doesn’t even matter, if it was the 99 tribe do you think that he would have been able to get to chipping that stone, and getting one step closer to achieving building a successful statue? absolutely not.

If you are digging towards that pot of gold i can nearly guarantee you that you are so dang close, you are just one step away, one strike away from getting to that goal. so right now i want you to promise me this, and tell me in the comments down below that you commit to this that you are going to choose to learn from that specific kind of mistake, and with that you are one step closer to overcoming and dealing with failing.

And remember at the end of the day you have to think about the worst-case situations. dealing with failure is one aspect of high performance. but, I want to show you so many other aspects.