The Importance of Cultivating An Attitude of Gratitude


When you experience life with gratitude, self-love and acceptance will naturally occur. This is an important concept that cannot be fully strengthened. grateful. Say it out loud. what do you think? Any other ideas? You might think of words like gratitude, gratitude, and gratitude.

Just thinking of these great words can bring love, self-acceptance and inner peace. You might be seeing a trend here with how I approach weight loss. It’s all back to changing your opinion, changing your feelings, changing your way of thinking. The excellent end result is a lasting change in your behavior.

So, what is the thing you think you have to be grateful for? A lot! I have a client who is in the final stage of a weight loss plan. She only had 20 pounds to reach the goal. But she can’t seem to get there. She felt overweight and the clothes were still too tight, which affected other aspects of her life. One day my client called. She began to tell me how the extra 20 pounds ruined her life.

My thoughts raced. I just got home and saw two teenage boys bury their mother. I was wondering how those boys wished they had a mother, a mother who might be carrying an extra 20 pounds but was there to love. I told my client that as long as she is alive and healthy, she has something to be grateful for. She needs to start to appreciate her life and find a reason to be happy. I instructed her to express her gratitude and start a new day.That can be as simple as applying lotion to your skin in the morning and thanking that part of your body for being healthy.


Gratitude is my way of transitioning from helplessness to appreciating my body. You can change your life by being grateful. Consider how much your opinion can change based on the way you are in a given situation.

I once thought, once thought: “Life is unfair; life is unfair. I get fat easily! “Life isn’t fair; I gain weight so easily!” Then I felt angry. I actually felt betrayed by my body. If I ate french fries, I gained weight. It wasn’t a gluttonous act. Other people ate them and it didn’t bother them. However, to me, I seemed to have gained a few pounds and had to get rid of it. “It isn’t fair!” I would say. Then I would feel deprived and I would focus on the food I couldn’t have. This led to envy –even resentment– of  those who can eat French fries without gaining weight.

This pattern of thinking didn’t work in helping me regain control over food. Instead, it gave power to the food. It got me stuck in a place I didn’t want to be. If you stay there for too long, it may be a dangerous place.

When you feel frustrated or angry and cannot resolve these feelings, resentment will definitely be the solution. This behavior is really important to notice. How do you feel when you have unresolved anger and resentment? Depression is anger turned inward. I I saw men and women in the office overweight and frustrated. Untreated depression can quickly slide you down a slippery slope. It is normal to feel sad, and discouraged for a few hours. That is much different than long periods of sadness, despair or despair. That, my friend, is a sign of depression. It will make you unable to move and make you lose the happiness in life.

Don’t let manageable things like weight and food intake become the root cause of depression. You can lose weight and you can control your food. People become depressed because of weight gain and then eat to help them cope with depression. That only causes them to feel more resentment, which fuels their depression. Then they eat to cope with depression and gain weight. This is an endless loop, but it can be successfully avoided. 


I speak from experience. I have worked with thousands of people. I have seen the pitfalls. Many of people believe that being overweight is the problem and it’s the source of their depression. My experience tells me there is more to the story. For example, I have worked with many overweight people who were raising their grandchildren due to daughters who became pregnant at a very young age. They loved their beautiful grandchildren and they wanted to give their daughters (or sons) a chance to get back on their feet. So they rose to the occasion and offered to help. They take time to take care of themselves and feel guilt. So they didn’t-and they continued to gain weight. They then felt depressed.

When they had the courage to browse the diary, they were surprised to find how much anger and dissatisfaction they had. They don’t like these feelings, so they fill them with food many times. Such a lifestyle often led to deeper depression.

Let me clarify, I am referring to the situational depression that occurs when you are too stressed and unable to resolve it. I I believe that as long as you are proactive, these emotions can be treated and even avoided. If escalated, this behavior may become a complicated problem and may become the source of weight gain. NOTE: I am not referring to chemical imbalances. That is a separate issue with a completely different direction. This is a serious problem and should be treated by a doctor or psychiatrist.

In addition to spiritual beliefs, the key to happiness and inner peace lies in your attitude.With the right attitude, you can overcome almost all problems. I believe you can create a happy life while reducing weight. With a gratitude attitude, you begin to control your feelings. Instead of treating life as unfair and angry, it is better to treat life as a gift. One of the precious gifts of life is that it provides us with alot of wonderful learning experiences.