The Power Of Self-Love and Acceptance


Imagine that you don’t concentrate on your weight. Imagine that you have enough patience and confidence to continuously work towards a healthier body. Imagine getting rid of stress and doubt.Let yourself wonder what it would be like to lose weight if there is no lack, no self-punishment diet, no self-destructive thoughts.

Enhancing one’s abilities and gaining acceptance is the way to achieve true life-long change. However, please know that it may not be the change that you expected. Realizing self-love by itself may not make you slim, but it will bring you something more precious. Self-love will change the reason why you do what you do. When you love yourself, you are grounded in a position of power. No matter what happens in life, you will determine your own value and your value as a person.You will be filled with a sense of peace and know that you are a unique, special, divine being. 


Once you can truly love yourself, whether you lose weight or not, you will be satisfied with your body. Either way, you have won! Some people worry that after adopting this way of thinking, they will not take the initiative to lose weight.

Pure motivation and best results come from a sincere desire to take life to a higher level, not from feelings of self-deception. Of course, you will be driven by anger and fear, but you will not understand peace.

Think of people who uses anger and fear for their motivation. They radically starve themselves in a self-punishing way. They are uncomfortable and stressful-bad for your body. Now, think about those who start to appreciate and love themselves in a more reasonable way.  Such an approach may include creating creating a walking schedule, nurturing rather than starving their body, accepting that a change in attitude and seeing positive results takes time.

Once you accept yourself with love, you can free yourself from all what the world wants. and you will be able to find out who you are and what you want.


To begin this process,  repeat this affirmation daily: “I love and accept myself exactly as I am.” The harder it is to say, the more you need to say it!

Affirming self-love can completely change your life. When you repeat this confirmation, please take a moment to imagine yourself in a healthier, fiter, and more attractive body. Allow your mind to focus on this image, and believe in your heart that this is really you. Spend a little time with this wonderful, joyful, happy person. Take a moment to be with your new self.

How does it feel to say these words and see this picture? Is it hard to imagine? It’s ok. Say it every day until you automatically start thinking: “Yes, I do love myself. I’m fine!