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Things Trustworthy People Do


Do you think you have people in your life that you can rely on? Having a few, good trustworthy friends in your corner is always a good thing. However, sometimes it may be difficult to measure someone’s trustworthiness.

Maybe you want to trust them, but how can you be sure? Today in this article we are going to share with you 7 signs that someone is trustworthy.

1. They’re Consistent Across The Board

They feel that this person remains true to themselves, their character stays true with different people and one in different situations and circumstances. they don’t put up a mask nor do they feel pressured to change their stance, or personality just to suit a different crowd. what this person says matches up with what you hear from others.

2. They Care About You

Do they seem naturally caring and respectful of you, when someone is trustworthy they don’t want to use you, or take advantage of you, They’re thoughtful of you respect your boundaries, and they don’t try to overstep their place in your life, they don’t want to impose their will on you, and they don’t feel the need to control others around them.


3. you’re relaxed around them

Do you find that you feel generally more relaxed and calm when you’re around this person? if both of you feel mutually comfortable around each other, then you can engage in an open conversation. you don’t feel that they’re trying to hide things from you, or that they’re trying to manipulate you. In turn, you will feel that you don’t have to hide anything from them. With a sense of mutual trust, you have the opportunity to feel vulnerable to them.

4. They Treat Others Well

Do you think this person holds additional traits? such as: compassion, and humility, they think well of others, and don’t consider themselves to be more important than them, they are more outwardly focused, and have a desire not only to help you, but are available to help others as well, they’re good listeners and want to be supportive.

5. They Always Tell The Truth

When someone is honest with you, they’re comfortable enough to tell you how they truly feel. they have your best interest in mind when they tell you the truth, they choose to give you constructive criticism, and want you to better yourself over being mean, and trying to tear you down. a trustworthy person doesn’t need to lie to you or hide from you when you ask for their opinion.

6. They Hold Themselves Accountable

Accountability is very important, a trustworthy person can admit when they’re wrong. They never try to justify their wrongdoings, and they don’t push the blame onto others. Rather, they accept responsibility for their actions, and they always face the consequences that result from their decisions. Also, They’re not only accountable around you but with other people as well.


7. They Follow Through With Their Actions

Do you have faith that they’ll do what they say? when you make plans with this person they won’t flake on you, and they’ll hold themselves accountable for any situation that they don’t happen to follow through with their word is important to them, and they hold themselves to it.

Which signs do you think are important when it comes to trusting someone? are there any signs that we missed? let us know in the comments below. if you enjoyed reading this article give us a thumbs up, and share it with someone who might find it helpful too.